Our Boats

The Lukwa - whale watching tour boat

The Lukwa (pictured above) was built from aluminum in 1989. The name Lukwa comes from the Kwakwala language and means 'a place in the forest.' This spacious vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 46 passengers. The Luwka is 18 metres (60 feet) long and has a heated cabin and on-board lavatories. Another special feature is an on-board hydrophone that enables passengers to eavesdrop on the different calls and navigational sounds generated by the killer whales you encounter.

New Catamaran boat for 2013

The Kuluta is our new boat for 2013. The 40' (12.2 meter) vessel has an on-board washroom and we carry coffee, tea and snacks available for purchase. Guests on whale watching tours will enjoy listening to whales and dolphins with the hydrophone (underwater microphone) and stereo system.

Lukwa and Kuluta