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Founded in 1980, we are British Columbia’s first whale watching company.  From the outset we began offering tours aimed at educating our guests about killer whales and have been deeply involved with research and conservation. Almost four decades on, we remain dedicated to ethical wildlife viewing, education and conservation and continue to operate out of our unique location at the end of the boardwalk in historic Telegraph Cove.   From here we are only a few minutes boat ride away from one of the best areas in the world to see marine mammals and other wildlife.

We are located on the north east coast of Vancouver Island, at the northern end of Johnstone Strait. Our tours take you through the cold nutrient rich waters of Black Fish Sound and the Broughton Archipelago, a stunning cluster of islands and calm inlets that create the boundary to Robson Bight, a protected marine environment to which the Orcas return each year. This is a tidal area rich in nutrients, where different waterways and currents converge off the Pacific Ocean.  Creating a unique environment and great food source that attracts and supports the diverse marine life we encounter. The fish, birds and mammals congregate here to feed and raise their young. It is a very special place!

Our 3 ½ hour tours offer the opportunity to venture into the wild and ignite all your senses: the salty taste of the ocean spray; the unmistakable smell of a humpback’s breath; the blow of a whale; the shrill sound of the gulls and eagles; the squeaks, squeals and whistles of the killer whales vocalizing through the on board hydrophone or the soothing yet elaborate song of the humpback males. It is the echolocation that gives the orcas and dolphins the ability to communicate and locate their food. If you are lucky, the leaps of the acrobatic pacific-white sided dolphin or the speed of the Dall’s porpoise as they seemingly hydroplane through the water at speeds of up to 55km per hour will leave you in awe of the smaller cetaceans that grace our waters.

For close on 40 years people have come and return to Telegraph Cove to see the Orcas, our ambassadors of the ocean. But in the last 15 years the Humpback whales have been making a welcome come back from near extinction. These magnificent gentle giants come to feed all summer. They are surface feeders, attracting lots of birds and action around them and they are exciting to see.  It is truly, an unforgettable experience to watch whales forage for food, witness their social surface activity with lots of tail and fin slapping and if you’re really lucky a full breach! 

We love what we do and our Captains, naturalists and crew work very hard to introduce you to whales in the wild but they will not disturb them. They will make sure that our guests are in a position to observe their natural behaviour, witnessing what they would normally do if we weren’t out there with them. They will turn off the engines, making sure not to distract or endanger them and will always make every effort to stay an appropriate distance away.

We understand that some of our guests would prefer to be closer but we operate within strict guidelines which call for us to be at least a 100 metres away.  The only exception is if they choose to come and check us out while our motors are switched off .  

We make sure that you have plenty of opportunity to observe, listen and then reflect upon your wildlife encounters as we cruise through stunning scenery before returning you safely to the dock.

But please remember . . . there are no guarantees  -  you are in the wild, viewing wildlife.  Set out without expectations and you will be rewarded by the wild.

What we do guarantee our guests is:

  • A friendly welcome
  • Safe, comfortable vessels
  • Experienced Captains & Crew
  • Professional on board naturalists who will interact with guests, interpreting all that this diverse ecosystem reveals during your tour