What we offer . . .

What Stubbs Island Whale Watching has to offer

Deciding which whale watching company to book with is not simple. In addition to location and price, considerations will most likely include safety, comfort, frequency of sightings, and in addition of course you want your choice to be environmentally sound. To help you in this decision we have detailed below a summary of what Stubbs Island Whale Watching has to offer as British Columbia's 1st Whale Watching company, founded in 1980. 

Orca Whales - Killer Whales - Vancouver Island

  • Deep rooted ethics & respect for the environment

    Our overall approach is highly respectful of the environment – we strive to have your whale watching adventure count for the good of research and conservation and to ensure our operations are environmentally sustainable.
    Awards & Recognition of our efforts: Past winner of the Oceans Blue Foundation’s Environmentally Responsible Tourism Award.

  • A memorable & meaningful wildlife experience

    The nutrient rich waters in which we operate are near core habitat for Humpback Whales, Northern Resident Killer Whales / Orca, Steller Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoise and more. we enjoy great frequency and diversity of marine mammal and bird sightings. See our Sightings Log.
    Our location is possibly one of the best place in the world if you want the chance to see both Killer Whales (Orca) and Humpback Whales on one trip. Historically, both species are sighted on our July to October excursions BUT we offer no guarantees, the whales are wild and therefore sightings cannot be guaranteed.

  • Our location

    Departure is from picturesque, historic Telegraph Cove – British Columbia’s last boardwalk community. This is the closest possible departure point to where the whales and other wildlife are most often sighted, leading to reduced average vessel transit time and minimized carbon footprint.
    The waters on the inside of Vancouver Island are sheltered. Rough seas and seasickness are an absolute rarity!
    We travel among a myriad of islands where the scenery is breathtaking and provides a great sense of space.
    Our office is located at the end of the board walk right beside the Whale Interpretive Centre - a must-see collection of skeletons of whales and other marine mammals.

  • Our expertise

    As British Columbia’s first whale watching company, our knowledge of the area and its wildlife dates back to 1980.
    Our Captains have extensive experience in operating vessels around marine wildlife, adhering to guidelines and avoiding disturbance allowing our guests to enjoy watching the natural behaviour of the wildlife we encounter.  
    Our onboard naturalists are some of the best in the industry, with degrees in biology they all receive intensive training in local marine mammal science from our Education and Conservation Advisor.
    All our crew have marine emergency duty training and undergo regular safety drills.
    Our office staff are friendly, highly knowledgeable and accommodating. As leaders in the industry we have and continue to be actively involved in securing the protection of our marine environment for the enjoyment of generations to come

  •  Our safe, comfortable vessels

Our large, custom-built, spacious, Transport Canada approved vessels provide:

    1. Greater comfort - with lavatories, snack station, multiple viewing decks and indoor seating.  
    2. Reduced carbon footprint and less noise entering the marine environment.
    3. On-board hydrophones whereby the Orca may be heard communicating underwater.