"Fantastic Every Time"

We have gone with Stubbs many times and make a point of going up to Telegraph Cove at least once a year. Though they cannot gaurantee orca sightings (and no whale watching company worth their salt will, these animals are wild and unpredictable), they can always find something wonderful for you. The vast majority of the time we have seen orcas but also the underrated humpbacks which are amazing creatures, harbour and Dall's porpoise, Steller and California sea lions, harbour seals and they found me my first pod of 5 Pacific White Sided dolphins! Birders will like the murres, bald eagles, Northern Phalaropes and rhinocerous auklets. A special treat this trip was a harbour seal and her pup playing in the kelp! The staff naturalists and captains are knowledgeable and just as enthusiastic as the customers.

- Kathryn T - Vancouver, Canada