Orca Tours

Orca Whales - Killer Whales - Vancouver Island

Founded in 1980 and based in Telegraph Cove on the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, Stubbs Island Whale Watching Orca Tours has been setting the standard for responsible wildlife viewing. Stubbs Island follows the whale watching guidelines and is committed to ethical and educational wildlife viewing on all our Orca tours.

From May to October Stubbs Island offers a variety of Vancouver Island boat tours including Whale Watching Orca tours (mid June to October), along with Marine & Wildlife Tours and Specialty Tours of the Robson Bight and Johnstone Strait areas off Vancouver Island.

Our BC Orca tours cruise comfortably in our Transport Canada inspected 60 foot vessel the MV Lukwa or get up close and personal on our 31 foot vessel the Eagle XXX1. Both Orca Tours vessels have underwater microphones (hydrophones) connected to speakers, enabling you to hear Orca sounds anywhere on the vessel during your exciting Stubbs Island Vancouver Island Orca Tours.

Every one of our Orca tours into the diverse east coast Vancouver Island environment is different. Seeing Orcas in their natural surroundings is the primary goal of our Orca tours but Humpback whales, Dalls porpoises and Pacific White-sided dolphins are also seen regularly.