Orca Whale Watching

Orca Mother & Calf

Orca Whale Watching Tours with Stubbs Island Whale Watching
Stubbs Island Whale Watching is based in Telegraph Cove on the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island and runs Orca whale watching tours from mid-June through October. The Orca whale watching tours take place in the protected waters between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, the home of the magnificent Orca whales.

Every Orca whale watching trip with Stubbs Island Whale Watching Tours is different. Orca whale watching may be the main goal but be prepared to also see humpback whales, porpoises, dolphins, seals, sea lions, bald eagles and a plethora of sea birds.

Hydrophones (underwater microphones) take the Stubbs Island Orca whale watching tours to a new level, allowing you to eavesdrop on Orca whales and dolphins communicating and echo-locating to find food. Orca whale watching above water, orca whale listening below.

BC Orca Whale Watching (Killer Whales) Tours – We Follow the Guidelines
Fisheries and Oceans Canada and BC Parks in Canada and by NOAA Fisheries and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in the US all endorse the whale watching guidelines followed by Stubbs Island BC Whale Watching Tours and all responsible BC whale watching tour operators.

We are convinced that by following the Be Whale Wise Guidelines, we are helping to reduce the impact of our vessel on marine mammals.