Your Safety

Your safety is our primary concern.

Our boats are Transport Canada inspected and meet or exceed all requirements for passenger safety. We carry lifejackets for all our passengers and for children of all sizes. There will be a pre-boarding safety announcement and demonstration as to how to put on your lifejacket in the unlikely event one is needed, followed by a recorded safety announcement once you are on board.  Please ask our naturalist for a lifejacket if you would feel more comfortable wearing one while on deck.

The protected waters of Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound are seldom a problem for the sturdy custom built vessels we operate.

Whale Watching, northern Vancouver Island


Safe in their hands

Our Captains are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable of the area and environment in which we operate.       The crew, who are our qualified onboard naturalists and deckhands are also trained to Transport Canada standards and certified to handle all marine emergencies and first aid requirements of our passengers.