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 Hello Teachers! It's Whale School for Kids! Experiential education at its best . . .

students outside learning from Nature, facilitated by an on-board biologist and/or certified teacher.* Whale School tours are aimed at increasing interest, connection and positive action for marine mammals as ambassadors for our life-sustaining seas. Please see this link for information about the comfort and safety of our vessels http://www.stubbs-island.com/our-boats. For the calibre of our crew please see http://www.stubbs-island.com/crew. Whale School tours are available from both Campbell River and Telegraph Cove. Trips at any time of the year offer good opportunities for wildlife sightings. It appears not be common knowledge that trips early in the school year (from September to early November) are the ideal in terms of diversity of species. It is very common to see Orca, Humpback Whales, Steller Sea Lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dall’s Porpoise and Pacific Harbour Seals at this time of the year. Please call 1-800-665-3066 to find out more. 
*When possible, school tours are conducted by our Education and Conservation Advisor who is a certified biology teacher and award-winning marine educator.

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 . . . or simply escaping to the wild for some natural fun!

Our flagship MV Lukwa accommodates up to 49 participants. Cruise the emerald green waters on Vancouver Island's east coast in the protected waters of the Inside Passage. The setting of narrow channels and calm anchorages allow us to work with you to create a custom experience. With lots of deck space and two large salons, your event options allow for creative interaction for your guests. Whether you would like a short evening cruise to reward staff and clients or an all day excursion for team building exercises, this unique environment will be an memorable experience.

Contact us by phone 1-800-665-3066 or email us at reservations [at] stubbs-island [dot] com to discuss your needs.




"Beneath the Surface" – School Tours Programme

Specialty Tours - Marine Life Vancouver IslandSchool tours are conducted by our highly experienced educator and biologist to provide age appropriate marine education from a full ecosystem perspective.

Exposure to the life of the "Emerald Sea" will allow students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the marine ecosystem and develop an understanding of the need for conservation. The MV Lukwa, with ample space both on deck and inside, is ideal for school groups.

School programme includes:

  • A slide presentation illustrating the diversity and classification of marine life
  • Service of a highly experienced biology teacher
  • Tour of marine mammal artifacts
  • Interpretative information of all life and historic sites seen
  • Acoustic samples of various cetaceans

Programme can be enhanced to include:

  • More detailed cultural information
  • A tide pool walk
  • Information directed specifically at classification of invertebrates
  • Multiple day activities, potentially with lodging in Telegraph Cove, also available.

"Beneath the Surface" – Programme, Advanced Educational Tours (Post-Secondary)

The Advanced Education Programmes are tailor-made for post-secondary groups to provide field experience for classes in classification, ethology, environmental science and tourism.

The research that has been conducted in the area attests to its being an ideal location to study marine organisms. The biodiversity of the area, indeed, makes it a marine wonderland. Stubbs Island Whale Watching is able to provide the ethics and expertise essential to the quality demanded for post-secondary purposes.

Our experiences over the past quarter century allow us to develop custom tours.