We wanted to see Orca's and we were not disappointed! From the moment Wayne (the captain) started his introduction and safety briefing, and then introduced the rest of his team, I felt confident that this was going to be a day to remember, and it was. I know that in some respects we were exceptionally lucky because you can never guarantee sightings of wildlife but this visit confirmed that this is one of the top places to see Killer Whales. I lost count of how many we saw, at times there were as many as six in a single group, and we were told that we saw three different family groups. The team not only identified each of the Orca family groups but they also identified the hump-back whale that we saw from the shape of it's flume. The Stubbs Island team really knew their stuff and were helpful throughout the whole experience. I would definitely recommend this as somewhere to go.


Reviewed by Richard E   August 14 2017

I got the last place available on the boat and I thought I was lucky. But boy, you don't know how lucky!! I spent the whole trip watching incredible animals: orcas, sea lions, humpback whales! Of course, you never know what is out there, but this was a great trip. The captain was very kind and enthusiastic and Jackie, the "on board" marine biology expert, the perfect teacher for such a trip. If you are in Telegraph Cove, don't miss this opportunity!! And remember: a hand for you and a hand for the boat ;-) (be careful when you go down those steps...)(if you get on board the Lukwa you will understand)

- Francis - Aukland, New Zealand

We were on an evening tour on August 17, 2015. The staff at booking and at the counter were quite careful to make no guarantees about what we would see.

As it turned out, we saw close to 50 orca, as well as several humpback (one breaching), bald eagles, porpoises and seals. It was an exceptional and unforgettable trip, well worth the cost.

The boat was comfortable and modern, with excellent sightlines from inside and on the decks. This was the fifth whale watch tour we have taken in various locations, and this one was the best. All in all, highly recommended.

- Julian - Toronto

The tour started with a very enthusiastic welcome from Wayne, who told us he has been working on boats for 40 years, and completely and utterly loves his job. Wayne and his assistant Alison clearly love whales and we were thrilled to see whales within 8 minutes of going out to the sea. My sister and her boyfriend have been on many whale watching tours all over the world and did the Stubbs for the second time, telling us before this is the best whale watching tour they have ever done. And they were so right. There were so many Killer Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise and Humpback Whales, we did not now which ones to watch first. We were really lucky and two Killer Whales swam below our boat. To top this, Dolphins were playing right next to the boat! What is really cool is, that the boat has an underwater microphone, and the sounds the whales make are played as you watch them. We ended up seeing Seals, Bald Eagles and some Deer too! It was well worth going on the tour and should not be missed out by anyone!

- Lisa - London, England

I took a group of 11 people up for an overnight stay at the Cove. We love our rooms in the very cute little cabins. My room was upstairs in the Wastell Manor. What a view!!! I wish could have stayed longer.
We ate at the Killer Whale Cafe and really enjoyed the food and service. Tasha you rule! The rest of the service was great too. On the last night they did the most awesome Salmon BB. I have not enjoyed salmon that much ever. 
6 of my people went with Rip Tide Grizzly Bear Watch. They had so much fun I found a few of them making plans for coming back in June next year. 
6 of us went out with Stubbs Island Whale watch. What a day we had! We went out in the morning and saw about 27 killer whales, 1 Humpback (Identified as Cutter), many eagles, sea lions and seals. The morning was so great 2 of us went back out in the afternoon. We sure were rewarded with a spectacular show. We spent 2 hours out in Blackfish Sound seeing 12 humpbacks, Killer whales, White sided Dolphins, porpoises and all the other sea life. I have been coming up here at least once a year for 8 years. We have never been disappointed. See you soon Captain Wayne.

- Jan J - Nanaimo, BC 

Trip Advisor posting September 2, 2012

We have gone with Stubbs many times and make a point of going up to Telegraph Cove at least once a year. Though they cannot gaurantee orca sightings (and no whale watching company worth their salt will, these animals are wild and unpredictable), they can always find something wonderful for you. The vast majority of the time we have seen orcas but also the underrated humpbacks which are amazing creatures, harbour and Dall's porpoise, Steller and California sea lions, harbour seals and they found me my first pod of 5 Pacific White Sided dolphins! Birders will like the murres, bald eagles, Northern Phalaropes and rhinocerous auklets. A special treat this trip was a harbour seal and her pup playing in the kelp! The staff naturalists and captains are knowledgeable and just as enthusiastic as the customers.

- Kathryn T - Vancouver, Canada

"Brilliant day! Took off at 1pm today and by 1:15 we had seen a small pod of porpoises. Next humpback whale after humpback whale. We were extremely lucky to even see a bear on one of the islands, plus a pair of bald eagles. Saw right into the mouth of a humpback as it breached about 2m from the boat!
 Great day, heaps of information from Zoe, the resident marine biologist! Brilliant day out, and worth the drive up to telegraph cove!"

- Thebuke - Canberra, Australia

Trip Advisor posting Sep. 24, 2011

"Despite the miserable weather this tour was absolutely fantastic, I was a bit concerned initially about the weather as I am not a good sailor at all... highly recommend sea bands!! This trip was totally fantastic I guess its all down to luck and we were very lucky saw approx. 10 humpback whales including 1 breach and a mother and calf... Awesome, dolphins and salter seals, thankfully the wildlife don’t mind the rain!!! Well worth every penny... the captain and the young guide are both friendly and extremely knowledgable!!! Trip of a lifetime!"

— Braundie, Scotland

Trip Advisor posting Oct. 6, 2011

"My wife and I have wanted to go whale watching for a number of years and have never found the time until this summer. We looked at a couple of options and a friend suggested "the one at Telegraph cove" so we booked the trip. I have to say the drive to Telegraph cove is worth the trip in itself as the scenery and lakes are beautiful. 

We went out on the afternoon trip and were definitely not disappointed by what we saw. Captain Wayne informed us that the morning trip had seen lots of orcas and whales and thankfully so did we. Transient Orcas, Resident Orcas, Whales, seals and various birds. 

All in all the trip was fantastic and I would recommend to anyone that if you want to go Whale watching then make the trip to Telegraph Cove, the Stubbs Island staff were fantastic, great fun and had lots of knowledge to pass on. I will certainly be taking my family there next summer when the visit from Europe."

— Lewis K, Whistler, Canada

Trip Advisor posting Oct. 10, 2011