"We didn't know it could be this good."

We wanted to see Orca's and we were not disappointed! From the moment Wayne (the captain) started his introduction and safety briefing, and then introduced the rest of his team, I felt confident that this was going to be a day to remember, and it was. I know that in some respects we were exceptionally lucky because you can never guarantee sightings of wildlife but this visit confirmed that this is one of the top places to see Killer Whales. I lost count of how many we saw, at times there were as many as six in a single group, and we were told that we saw three different family groups. The team not only identified each of the Orca family groups but they also identified the hump-back whale that we saw from the shape of it's flume. The Stubbs Island team really knew their stuff and were helpful throughout the whole experience. I would definitely recommend this as somewhere to go.


Reviewed by Richard E   August 14 2017