Whale Watching Tours

Dolphins Jumping

Common Questions About Stubbs Island Whale Watching Tours on Vancouver Island, BC

1. Does it matter what time of day I book my Stubbs Island Whale Watching Tours?
All Stubbs Island BC Whale Watching Tours have equal opportunities for wildlife viewing including Orca whale watching, other species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, marine mammals and birds. What time is best for you?

2. Why is some whale watching tour departure times priced higher than others?
This is to encourage our Vancouver Island whale watching tour guests to book morning and evening whale watching trips when available. Our 1PM whale watching tour is usually very busy so we offer discounts for the other whale watching tours in order to even out our whale watching tours.

3. Can’t you guarantee whale sightings?
No, we can’t guarantee what our Vancouver Island whale watching tours will see. However it is incredibly rare for our whale watching tours to go out and see nothing. Because of our incredible diverse ecosystem off the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, BC we usually see some all of the resident marine mammal species including Orcas, humpback whales, Minke whales, porpoises, dolphins, sea lions, the occasional black bear on the beach and, of course, the birds. All our whale watching tours are equipped with hydrophones so we can hear Orcas and dolphins communicating.