Wow! This one is outstanding!

The tour started with a very enthusiastic welcome from Wayne, who told us he has been working on boats for 40 years, and completely and utterly loves his job. Wayne and his assistant Alison clearly love whales and we were thrilled to see whales within 8 minutes of going out to the sea. My sister and her boyfriend have been on many whale watching tours all over the world and did the Stubbs for the second time, telling us before this is the best whale watching tour they have ever done. And they were so right. There were so many Killer Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise and Humpback Whales, we did not now which ones to watch first. We were really lucky and two Killer Whales swam below our boat. To top this, Dolphins were playing right next to the boat! What is really cool is, that the boat has an underwater microphone, and the sounds the whales make are played as you watch them. We ended up seeing Seals, Bald Eagles and some Deer too! It was well worth going on the tour and should not be missed out by anyone!

- Lisa - London, England